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Sortavala, Karelia
Blue Rock House
Quiet House in Sortavala, Karelia. Overlooks the lake, nestled in a forest with a stream. Enjoy handmade ceramic dishware, a movie projector, and a 10-minute drive to the center.
Blue Rock House
4 guests, 1 bedroom, 1 bed, 1 sofa bed, 1 bathroom with shower
Blue Rock House is a cozy blue cottage, Scandinavian-style, nestled by the woods. It features a creek and spruce forest in the backyard, while the balcony overlooks the lake and the patio faces the woods. Amenities include a barbecue, heating, projector for movies, private entrance, yard, washing machine, iron, and hairdryer. The house offers a double bed, sofa bed, kitchen, toilet, and shower, making your stay comfortable. A unique feature is the wall-sized projector for movie watching.

For your convenience, smoked fish can be arranged on request.

Why is this place called the "Blue Rock House":
The house is named after a large rock in front of it. This rock is perfect for summer relaxation and winter barbecues, and on certain days, it gives off a bluish hue.

Experience Off-the-Grid Living:
Blue Rock House is truly off the grid. It has its own natural water source, avoiding the need for extra chemicals. With ample groundwater, the family has enough water for daily use. The house also has its own eco-friendly septic system.
Your Sweet Escape
1 x double bed, 1 x sofa bed
What We Offer
1 x double bed, 1 x sofa bed
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